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McDonald’s Employees Arrested for Alleged Credit Card Skimming at the Drive-Thru

McDonald’s Employees Arrested for Alleged Credit Card Skimming at the Drive-Thru

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Both women were arrested this week at a Raleigh, North Carolina, McDonald’s location.

Two McDonald’s employees in Raleigh, North Carolina, have been arrested this week on five counts of identity theft following a police investigation.Both Mecca Nicole Tomlinson, 20, and Constance Katrair Alston, 41, were arrested following an alleged elaborate credit card skimming scheme. They were first reported by their local franchise owner for suspicious behavior.

Each woman was also charged with attempts to steal credit card information, criminal possession of financial transaction cards, and financial card forgery, according to police records. Five customers were reportedly affected by the credit card skimming offense, and the women allegedly used the information to buy $535 worth of gift cards and other merchandise.

Local detectives are urging anyone who may have visited the Raleigh McDonald’s to check their bank accounts and contact their credit card providers to be sure they were not affected. If you see a suspicious purchase, contact your credit card company and report the incident to local police.

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