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Pork chop balls stuffed with sausages

Pork chop balls stuffed with sausages

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I cut the cutlet into double slices, that is, I cut a slice but not to the end, then I cut it again, this time all the way down.

I got four such slices.

I put the chop slices on the chopper between two sheets and beat them until they became very thin and wide enough to make the ball.

I seasoned them.

I took the filling out of the sausages, I mixed it with the chicken breast cut into pieces and with the greens, I put the filling on each slice of chop, then I tied it like a ball.

I placed them in the tray in which I put oil and a little water and put them in the oven.

Because the "tips" of the balls tend to burn, I covered them with aluminum foil just above.

I left them in the oven for about an hour and a half, because the chop is quite strong meat and I wanted the filling inside to be penetrated as well.

I served it with mashed potatoes.

Good appetite!!!


Today I want to prepare a steak in the oven as simple as possible and without too many spices. Not for nothing, but the pork chop I have looks so good that I hope to accentuate its taste with beetroot salad, horseradish sauce and sauteed vegetables next to it.


  • 800 gr. pork chop
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 sprigs of rosemary
  • 2 sprigs of thyme
  • salt pepper
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 potatoes
  • ½ onion

To start, heat the oven to 180 ° and prepare the tray in which I pour 3-4 tablespoons of oil.

I light the big eye above the stove and give a rosy face to the generous chop pieces that I seasoned for the moment with just a little salt, the thyme and rosemary sprigs that flavor the oil in the pan in which the meat is fried quickly and with the crushed garlic on which I add 2-3 minutes before I put the tray aside.

After just a few minutes, I put 250 ml over the meat. vegetable soup, onion and carrot cut in half, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper then cover the tray with aluminum foil and put it in the oven for 40-45 minutes.

It's time to prepare boiled beets over which I put a drop of vinegar and a little fresh horseradish.

For the sauce I need 3 teaspoons of sour cream which I mix with a teaspoon full of horseradish, a pinch of salt and a little sour beet juice.

15 minutes before the steak is ready, wash the 2 potatoes well and put them next to it to boil a little.

When they are ready, I put the foil aside, turn off the heat and quickly take out the vegetables that I sauté in a pan with a little olive oil and rosemary.

The end result was in line with my expectations. The cutlet remained soft and tender, and the sauce and beetroot combined with the carrot jam and the flavored potatoes completed this dish without any effort.

Ingredient Pork cutlet & # 8211 pork rack & # 8211 the oven:

  • 5 liters of water
  • 100 ml. 9 ° vinegar
  • 150 grams of coarse salt
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 1 head of garlic cut into 2, crosswise
  • 2 chopped onions and fish
  • 1 sliced ​​carrot
  • 1-2 celery stalks celery cut into rounds
  • 3-4 bay leaves
  • 1 teaspoon peppercorns
  • 1 teaspoon juniper berries
  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds

spices and vegetable bed:

  • 1 teaspoon coarse salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • 4 large cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 2 rosemary branches
  • 2 large onions
  • 2 carrots
  • 2-3 stalks of celery celery

Preparation of pork chop & # 8211 pork rack & # 8211 in the oven, video recipe:

Preparation Pork chop & # 8211 pork rack & # 8211 in the oven, recipe text variant:

The specially cut piece of chop should have the ribs attached, with a total bone length of 12-15 cm, the fork bones should be removed and the meat should be protected by a layer of bacon and the crust on top. Tip: if the bacon is thicker than 2 cm, carefully remove it with a long knife so that it comes out in one piece and without touching the meat underneath. Thin the layer of bacon to the desired thickness (maximum 2 cm.) Then place it back over the meat, where it will be tied tightly with kitchen thread anyway.

1. Grind the rind with a sharp, zigzag knife (forming diamonds) being careful not to penetrate the meat, then tie the chop tightly, with kitchen twine, in the space formed between each two ribs, so that and keep well in shape during cooking.

2. Put the brine water on the fire. When it boils, add the chopped onions, carrots and celery celery slices, mustard seeds, peppercorns, juniper berries, bay leaf and garlic. Add salt and sugar and mix on the fire until completely dissolved. Turn off the heat, add the vinegar and let the brine cool well (up to room temperature).

3. Place the chop in a large bowl and pour over the chilled brine, along with all the vegetables and spices. Place a weight on top (for example a plate) so that the meat remains completely immersed in the liquid and refrigerate overnight (minimum 12 hours).

4. The next day, drain the meat well of the brine and dab with kitchen towels on the surface to whisk. Leave the meat at the kitchen temperature for about 30 minutes before starting to cook it. Meanwhile, turn on the oven and set at 220 ° C.

5. Peel 2 cloves of garlic and cut into large pieces. On the side not covered with bacon, pierce the meat with a knife (between the ribs) and spread with the garlic pieces.

6. Break the rosemary leaves from the branches and finely chop. 2 cloves of garlic are cleaned and cut into thin slices. In a mortar, put the garlic slices, chopped rosemary leaves, fennel seeds, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon coarse salt and oil. Mix well with the pistil until a semi-dry, very fragrant paste is formed.

7. Rub the chop piece well, all over the surface, with the spice mixture prepared in the previous step, insisting that it penetrates through the notches in the rind.

8. Peel the onions, carrots and celery, wash and cut into fish (onions) and slices. In a tray suitable for the oven, lay a bed of these vegetables and place the piece of meat on top, with the mouse on top. Place in the preheated oven at 220 ° C for 20 minutes.

9. After 20 minutes, remove the pork chop tray from the oven and reduce the temperature to 150 ° C. Cover the tray with a lid or, if not, with aluminum foil. Put the tray back in the oven and cook for 2 hours at 150 ° C.

10. After 2 hours, remove the aluminum foil and raise the temperature to 220 ° C again. In this last stage of cooking, the mouse will brown strongly and become very crunchy. We will strictly supervise the oven during the last minutes of cooking (maximum 10) so that when the steak is brown enough, we can take it out of the oven immediately. Let the steak rest for 15-20 minutes, remove the threads with which it was tied, portion and serve. Great appetite!

Holiday Recipes: Chops stuffed with mushrooms

We recommend a wonderful recipe: Chops stuffed with mushrooms.


for 4 servings: 4 thicker chops, with bone, 300 g Champignion mushrooms, a red pepper, a red onion, 100 ml olive oil, salt, a bunch of green dill, an egg, pepper, a tablespoon of dehydrated vegetable mixture without salt, aromatic herbs of Provence, 100 ml of stem wine, 10 black peppercorns, 3-4 bay leaves

Method of preparation

1. Wash and wipe the chops then cut with a sharp knife, on the meaty edge, so as to make a wallet without stinging the meat. It grows to the bone, but without cutting the edge of the chop. It is sautéed both outside and inside, it is seasoned.

2. Wash and clean the vegetables then heat a drop of oil and heat over high heat, red onion cut into julienne, and thinly sliced ​​pepper. After a few seconds add the thinly sliced ​​mushrooms, season with salt and pepper, season with herbs and sprinkle a little dehydrated vegetables. Leave it on the fire for a while then pull the pan and sprinkle with finely chopped green dill. Let it cool then add the beaten egg. 2 bamboo toothpicks.

3. Place in the tray, with the bones down and the mouth caught with toothpicks, up, grease with oil and sprinkle over salted dehydrated vegetables. Pour the wine with 2 glasses of cold water, a pinch of salt, peppercorns, bay leaves. Cover the tray with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes. Cover with foil and leave for another 40-50 minutes, at the right heat, wetting the chops from time to time with the juice from the tray. Leave until nicely browned. Serve hot with a garnish of potatoes or mushrooms and sauteed carrots.

Pork chops with beer

Pork chops with beer are specially prepared for special events, with special people. We gladly offer you the re & # 539eta!
Salvia It gives a special taste to steaks, which is why it is often used in their preparation. Sage has been used for many hundreds of years as a medicinal plant. It is said that burnt sage drives away evil spirits from the house and brings positive energies.
& Icircn buc & # 259t & # 259rie, do not combine too well with rich foods & icircn fats can be used to season lamb or chicken steaks, egg & # 259s, & icircn in the preparation of biscuit dough & # 539i and & # 259 259ra & # 539i or for the preparation of infused oils or of the specialties of butter with greens & # 539 & # 259. Obviously, sage is better and tastier because it is fresh.

Photo: Pork chops with beer & ndash Archive & # 259 Burda Rom & acircnia

& Icirc & # 539i must:
6 chops
1 slice & # 259 of sl & # 259nin & # 259 & icircmp & # 259nat & # 259
60 ml oil
10 pcs & # 259 & # 539i chives
2 carrots
1 onion & # 259
2 cloves of garlic
50 g raisins
1/2 l drink
100 ml soup of vegetables or bones
2-3 sage leaves
2-3 ro & # 537ii canned & icircn broth
dry sage & # 259 m & # 259run & # 539it & # 259
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Grease the chops with oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper and sage, to taste. Keep them in the fridge for 1/2 hour. In the meantime, cure and wash the chives, onions and carrots. Cut the onion into small pieces, and the carrots stick. Cover the raisins with warm water and cover them to cover them.
& Icircn & # 259bu & # 537i chops & icircn 2-3 tablespoons of oil & icircncins, & icircntorc & acircndu them on both sides & # 539e. When they have changed color, pour in a little beer and continue boiling in the covered bowl until the chops penetrate. In the remaining oil, add the onions, carrots and chives, mix lightly and continuously. After 5-7 minutes, add the diced tomatoes, drained raisins and sliced ​​garlic.
Quench with soup, top with water to cover the ingredients, add the sage leaves and continue simmering for 15 minutes. After the chops have boiled, put them in a heat-resistant dish and cover them with the vegetable and raisin sauce. Put slices of bacon on top and put the preparation in the oven, over medium heat, for 15 minutes.

Preparation: 10 minutes Boiling: 60 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 by Florica Faur, Jimbolia, Timi County & # 537

/> Tie the broccoli well, then break it into small pieces. In a large bowl put the pieces of broccoli to boil in salted water. Add the chicken cube. Meanwhile, chop the onion, put. /> In a bowl, mix the soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup and apricot jam, add the crushed garlic. Mix well and add the chicken breast cubes and leave for a while. 30. /> In a bowl, mix the coconut with condensed milk until a suitable paste is obtained, neither hard nor soft. Then shape and leave in the freezer for 20 minutes. In the meantime.

/> Parsley, celery and half of the carrots are cleaned, washed, coarsely chopped and boiled with 3 liters of cold water. When foam forms, it is collected and discarded. Fill with warm water, then c & acircnd. /> Wash the meat well, then boil it in the pressure cooker, along with the cleaned vegetables, salt and pepper. Whole onions and celery, carrots and peppers cut in half. Yes. /> Grease the chicken legs with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then leave to cool for an hour. Cut the pumpkin into slices and the leeks into thicker slices, then grease with olive oil, salt and. /> It starts with the countertop. Put the chocolate on the small grater. Beat the eggs with the sugar (add a tablespoon and mix well) until they double in volume. Faina se.

/> The vegetables are washed and cleaned and put to harden in 5 tablespoons of oil until soft and then add the mushrooms cut into quarters. Let them cook for 5 minutes, then cover with water and. /> Beef steak is covered with pepper, oregano and basil. Place the pieces of beef steak in the preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius on the top shelf for 2. /> Countertop: separate the egg whites from the yolks. Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt. After they have hardened, add a tablespoon of sugar and continue mixing until you get a glossy foam.

/> Onions are cleaned, washed, peeled and finely chopped. Mix the br & acircnza (well drained) with sm & acircnt & acircna and butter (solid, or melted and cooled). Add finely chopped onion to the mixture. /> For the countertop, we need to remove the egg whites from the freezer in time and let them thaw at room temperature. Sprinkle salt over the egg whites and mix until they become brown. /> Prepare & icircnt & acirci cream: put on low heat the liquid cream, broken chocolate & icircn pieces, cocoa and cappuccino powder. Mix well until completely dissolved. /> Mai & icircnt & acirci prepare the chocolate lid. It is good to prepare it the day before, in order to give it the necessary time and attention. Melts.

/> In a saucepan put the chicken legs (peeled) and the whole onion to boil. Cut the carrot into slices, heat it in a little olive oil and add it to the soup. The pasta we use at. /> I first prepared the Romanian vessel: I filled the vessel and the lid with water and let it drain for about 20 minutes. The chicken and vegetables will be cooked only in the steam formed, without the addition of. /> Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt then gradually add the sugar and vanilla sugar and mix for 2-3 minutes until you get a strong and glossy meringue. Add the oil and mix for a few more seconds.

Pork and beef sausages

In a large bowl, mix all the meat with the crushed garlic, salt, pepper and thyme.

Add the liquid, as desired, and mix well.

The mats are washed very well with cold water, after which they are filled with the prepared mixture.

Leave to dry for 1-2 days, then store in the refrigerator.

I made according to the original recipe and they were delicious.
The second time I put some hot paprika. Just as good but faster.
By the way, I both used sheep mat.

What do you think about this recipe? Leave us a comment to tell us how it turned out or if you need additional guidance.


What else do we prepare from pork for Christmas?
I set out to make sausages and drums first.
But on the 22nd. Until then, I'll share a recipe for tasty sausages, with a smoky taste, but without being smoked. For those who, like me, live in the block.

Pork sausages

2 kg of minced pork leg
500 g of chopped smoked bacon
Add salt, pepper, crushed garlic - to taste, and don't forget to pour a cup of water.
Then switch to the machine, to fill the mats.
These sausages can be kept in the freezer or fried in lard, put in jars and covered with melted lard.
But I will return in detail to what I do to them.
And with the drum.

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Congratulations! Very useful recipe, I will use it today. And the exceptional blog! I recommend a site with good recipes that I use too, this is culinary recipes

Pork Chop Prepared As in Sicily

For brine
Mix the salt with the sugar in a larger bowl, pour 1 cup of hot water and stir until the sugar dissolves.
Put 3 more cups of cold water, thyme, pepper, sage, bay leaves and mix.
Add the chop slices, making sure they are completely covered with liquid.
Put the covered dish in the fridge until the next day.

For meat
Remove the chop from the brine and wipe it well.
Pass the pieces of meat through the flour.
Fry them in a pan, in hot oil, over high heat, for 4 minutes on each side, until lightly browned.
Take them out on a plate and pepper them a little.
Then fry the onion in the remaining meat oil until nicely browned.
Pour the wine and ½ cup of water and let it boil over high heat until the liquid is reduced by half (about 4 min).
Add the capers / olives, the fried chop, reduce the heat and simmer, covered, 10 min.
Turn the chops on the other side and let the covered pot boil for another 10 minutes
or until the meat is done.
Remove the meat and keep warm.

For the sauce
Increase the heat under the pan, add ¼ cup of water and bring the composition to a boil.
Separately, mix the starch with the cream, add it to the pan and let it simmer until it thickens a little, stirring constantly (if you want a thinner sauce, give up the starch).

Serve while hot, serving on a plate chop sprinkled with sauce and sprinkled on top with green parsley, finely chopped or thin strips of lemon peel.

Indian pork recipe

Butter chicken or Indian style chicken with butter is the recipe I present to you today. Juicy pieces of chicken breast wrapped in a velvety tomato sauce flavored with ginger, garlic and plenty of spices. To all this is added cooking cream and butter. Served with basmati rice paula is absolutely wonderful 9 years ago - 26 October 2008 21:17. Re: Pork curry. the recipe can vary and in fact the curry is an oriental dish, the recipe I prepared myself: 500g pork, cut into strips, 1 finely chopped onion, 5 cloves of finely chopped garlic, fry in oil well then add 1 / 2 teaspoon curry, a little chili powder, vegeta, 1dl water and let it boil under the lid when it is close.

Butter chicken / Indian style chicken - video recipe

  1. Rogan josh - Indian lamb curry Add to favorites. A special curry, from the conflicting north of India, dense, Recipe: Pork in quince sauce Ingredients: 1 kilogram lean pork 3 tablespoons oil 3 tablespoons quince butter 1/2 length curry powder 1 clove garlic fresh pepper the back of the knife
  2. one of the fastest curries ever invented, such a symbol dish, vindaloo curry developed from Indian science to reach today's curry, cooked with pork, lamb, puffin, and unheard of. other curry, and hot pepper specific to the peninsula3 hot pepper 1 1/2 tablespoons curry powder 2 tablespoons Turkish cumin 1 teaspoon ..
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  6. Culinary recipes from Indian cuisine, simple food but full of flavors and flavors, sweets, drinks. I've said it a few times before - I love Indian cuisine. It's an incredible festival of tastes, flavors and Indians have led like no other the science of combining spices into an incredibly tasty amalgam.

Pork Curry - e-Recipe

  1. united, balanced, the curry being a quintessence of contrasts (salty-sweet, spicy-fine, creamy-crunchy)
  2. It is also served with Indian Tikka chicken and biryani rice in 3 colors. mihai (Chef de cuisine), November 7, 2010 Interesting recipe, beautiful presentation *****
  3. Cooking recipe Pork steak with Indian spices and rice garnish from the category Steaks. With Indian specific .. How to make Pork steak with Indian spices and garnish for hours

1. The cabbage is salted in cold water depending on how salty it is. It can be put from evening to morning or just an hour. 2. Pass the meat and onion through the mincer, then mix with the rice, salt, pepper and half the amount of carrots passed through the grater. 3. Each cabbage leaf is cleaned of stalks and cut if it is too large. Indian stew with potatoes and peas is ideal when you no longer know what to cook and would like to try something new. The truth is that after Moroccan cuisine, Indian cuisine is my favorite. I really like spice mixes and I'm absolutely crazy about butter chicken. Roast pork on a platter, Goulash with pork, Drob de. My account My cookbook. Please send me a recipe for chicken and turkey salami Answer this question

An original combination of spices, herbs, vegetables, seeds and even fruits, a mixture of flavors and tastes that wrap your taste buds insanely and delight your smell, Indian dishes are among the top of my culinary preferences. So I couldn't help but try their preparation at home, but not before a serious supply of the necessary spices. I now propose a. Preparation In the cold season, one of the most prepared dishes is pork chop. A traditional Romanian recipe cooked in a variety of ways, but with a special taste. Learn how to make pork steak with hot polenta and egg You can also find a variant of pork rib stew with potatoes - the recipe here, made by Oana. She puts kapia peppers in the stew and I put carrots. The quantities below are for approx. 4-6 servings of pork stew with potatoes and tomato sauce Indian-style pork legs It is said that the recipe for Indian-style pork legs was invented by the Huron Indians, the first inhabitants of present-day Quebec, taken over and improved by the French. .. Wash four pork kidneys in vinegar with water, cut them in half lengthwise, remove the white portions and leave them in the water with vinegar for another hour HOW TO PREPARE THE RECIPE Pork with vegetables in Asian style: I chose to I use pork and because I wanted to cook in Asian style, I had to cook the meat separately and the vegetables separately. First I washed the pork well and cut it into cubes and then I put it in a pan on the fire in which I heated about two teaspoons of oil.

Pork curry - Recipes-Tasty

  1. and purebred pigs and piglets (stone with landrace) at the moment I only have one pig at about 150 kg, I sell it for 10 lei per kg and I give it to a quarter of the Draganesti Vlasca area, Teleorman county. They are raised in my own household for details on 0722 351 286 or you can enter on facebook for purebred pigs or purebred piglets and find them there.
  2. The tenderest pork steak, a historical recipe with a shameful name. In the taverns of the past, the grills sizzled, full of delicacies: pussies, lures, marrows, fudulii, mats, sausages, mititei. seasoned
  3. And my recipe is good: 400 gr minced meat (pork / beef mixture) slightly fried with a chopped onion. Leave to cool and then add a bunch of green onions (a lot) chopped, dill and parsley (a lot), 100 gr grated cheese, a tablespoon of tomato paste, salt, pepper, 8 raw eggs
  4. Indian Style Lentil Food Recipe from Cookbook, Vegetable and Vegetable Foods. Specific Romania. How to Make Indian Style Lentil Food. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! I agree that my personal data will be stored and used to receive news and.
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Pork curry - Recipes-Tasty

  • End of season for corn, so it deserves a special recipe. 5 9. 31 August 2020. Baked chicken with creamy vegetable sauce
  • Pork with Chinese-style vegetables simple and quick recipe. Chinese recipe from pork and vegetables, with accessible ingredients, very tasty and fast. No, I wasn't kidding at all and I didn't exaggerate when I said that this Chinese style vegetable pork is a simple recipe. It really is
  • Indian-style baked chicken. Preheat the oven to the 6 / 190C mark. Mix together 4 pieces of skinless chicken breast, 2 tablespoons curry paste, grated juice and peel of 1 lemon and 2 tablespoons of sweet zacusca
  • braided mussel - video recipe baked pork neck pork neck with greens and potatoes pork breast Sarmale, steaks in the oven or with sauce, kale, goulash, escalope, pork stew, soups, gathered in a special selection

Recipe Baked pork ribs with potato bomb

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  2. December 1 recipe: pork steak with peaches. cutlet recipe Pork steak with peaches can be a good choice for the December 1st meal. This dish is tasty and unique, suitable for those who want something new
  3. Pork chop with mushrooms Soft polenta with mushroom stew is perfect for a delicious but also healthy lunch. To prepare it you need a little patience, because it is a little harder to prepare, but it is worth trying this delicious recipe.
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  5. It goes well with rice, lentils, potatoes, mushrooms, shrimp, fish, pork, chicken and more. In today's recipe I will present a simple chicken curry recipe, an unusual appetizer I could say even if I served it and presented it as a main dish. If when you cut the chicken slices you make them thinner, the result will be.

Sweet cabbage with baked pork, traditional recipe

Pork Turkey Turkey Lamb Beef Seafood Burgers Pizza Pasta Tarts Sweets Sauces Bread and more. Curiosities How to Wishlist to Buy Yummy Stuff Recipes to try Indian style chickpea soup 0. by Cristina in Soups - Sep 22, 2015 mango chutney and hot sticks (for serving) And recipe. Share. Tags. Pork steak on sauerkraut In a tray, cut the cabbage into strips, place the meat well seasoned with salt, pepper and basil. Mustard, orange juice, sugar, wine and ginger are made into a sauce that is poured over the meat.

For this recipe I chose to prepare a sauce from the vegetables that were baked, a light, quick and very tasty sauce. Baked pork steak is a food that attracts the whole family around it, for baked pork steak I chose to make cutlet at the expense of fatty meat A delicious cake recipe with: sugar, milk, eggs, lemon peel, flour , vanilla pudding. Ingredients: 10-12 tablespoons sugar 1/2 I milk 3 eggs 3 tablespoons sugar shell d pork recipes Wednesday, July 11, 2012. Chicken with lemon, honey and thyme A chicken recipe with lemon, honey and thyme from: chicken, olive oil olives, salt, pepper, lemon juice and peel, honey, thyme, garlic, tomatoes and onions. Ingredients: 1 large chicken or a young rooster (about 2.3 kg) 4 tablespoons olive oil salt pepper juice and grated peel from 1/2.

Indian whipped cream cake - Sweet sweets

  • Romanian stuffed peppers, classic recipe, with minced meat and rice filling. I received some messages from young housewives asking me for a recipe for stuffed peppers. Undoubtedly, being a food so liked by Romanians, in the culinary repertoire of experienced housewives there must be many, many variants of this kind.
  • Pilaf recipe The easiest way to prepare it, in Indian style, is to boil the rice in a large amount of boiling water. All you have to do is boil salted water, pour the rice when the water boils, mix well, be careful not to stick and let it boil in small pots.
  • Chicken flavored recipe - chicken curry With the help of this chicken curry recipe, you can easily introduce an ingredient such as curry into the diet of the little ones. You can always make your own pasta, of course, by adding a little more hot peppers and spices once the kids get used to the taste. You can also add one

Indian style cabbage garnish recipe. This recipe is easy to cook, being ready in about 30 minutes. Put it in a large bowl, in which we can add enough liquid to boil

Indian cuisine recipes

  • Birth date calculator Find out when the stork comes, when the baby is born
  • The food in the oven is very tasty, besides the fact that it is easy to prepare, the temperature does its job, and the final product always comes out delicious, just like this pork steak. 1. Pentru inceput, am pregatit orezul ghidandu-ma dupa reteta ce o gasiti pe site a orezului indian. 2
  • advertorial aperitiv cald aperitiv rece ardei branza carne de porc carne de vita cartofi ceapa ciocolata ciuperci desert desert rapid dulciuri faina fara carne friptura fursecuri lamaie lapte mancare de post morcovi oua ovo-lacto-vegetarian patiserie dulce patiserie sarata pentru iarna prajitura prajitura cu fructe retete-video retete cu carne.
  • Carte cu retete culinare online. Mancaruri traditionale. Aperitive, Supe, Ciorbe, Borsuri, Mancaruri cu carne, Mancaruri cu legume, Aluaturi, Dulciuri, prajituri.
  • unate pe gratar, dar cand vremea nu ne lasa sa le savuram in tihna, putem obtine rezultate impresionante daca le gatim si in cuptorul aragazului

Am promis la ultima reteta (piure de cartofi cu mustar) ca voi pune si felul principal cu care am servit aceasta minunata garnitura.Este vorba despre File de porc la cuptor cu mere caramelizate, o reteta de vis. Fileul este rulat si umplut cu usturoi si coaja de lamaie, umplutura care merge mana in mana cu merele caramelizate Pentru ca este post si pentru ca multe persoane mi-au cerut si retete noi de post, va prezint astazi o reteta rapida si super buna: orez indian. Iubitul meu a mancat orez indian de cateva ori la un restaurant si i-a placut asa de mult incat a vrut sa incercam si acasa. Si-a notat ingredientele, am fost la cumparaturi si apoi am pregatit fuguta.

Este una din cele mai bune combinatii - gustoasa, sanatoasa si sigur o sa va delectati familia cu ea. Palak Murgh(asa i se spune in indiana) este o mancare foarte populara in restaurantele indiene, chiar si aceasta reteta o am din cartea unui bucatar indian, putin adaptata la gusturile europene Curry inseamna de fapt sos. Iar un sos poate fi de mai multe feluri, in functie de preparat, reteta si in functie de gustul fiecaruia. De aceea un curry se poate face de post, doar cu legume, si bineinteles cu pui, peste, vita, porc, chiar si fructe de mare sau alte tipuri de carne . Cum tot a venit vara, am strans familia in weekend la o iarba verde in jurul focului si am pus de un iepure la ceaun fraged si gustos Si de aceasta data, Strassman si-a impus reteta: cantitati egale de carne de porc si de vita (sau numai carne de vita, de la ceafa), apoi seu prelevat de pe rinichi de vita, sare, condimente (epis, noteaza el, fara a preciza insa exact despre ce condimente este vorba - stim insa ca-i placea gustul cimbrului, pe care l-a adaugat in multe.

Reteta de post - Cus-cus cu legume - unem uleiul intr-un vas si apoi adaugam cus-cusul pe care il vom cali in ulei, cand devine sticlos punem canile de apa si sare si amestecam continuu pentru a nu se lipi Pentru reteta: 6buc.(1kg) cotlete de porc, 30ml sos de soia, 50ml ulei vegetal, 50ml ketchup 1 lingura suc de lamaie, 50g zahar brun, 100ml sos Worcestershire 4. Puneți la fiert orezul (două măsuri de apă la una de orez). Pentru a afla cum se puteți obține un orez pufos și nelipicios, citiți articolul Recomandări pentru un orez pufos și nelipicios. Faceți o pastă din praf de chili, pastă de usturoi și ghimbir, praf de coriandru, praf de chimen și sare

Nov 1, 2016 - Cum se fac chiftelele de porc, reteta chiftele din carne de porc de casa, chiftele de porc, retete culinare, retete de mancare, gatit, bucatarie, gastronomie, porc reteta, chiftele reteta, chiftelute reteta, aperitive reteta, mancaruri cu carne, carne de porc tocata reteta, preparate culinare din porc O reteta pe care am facut-o candva, in orasul olimpic care este Londra. O reteta culeasa din cartea Quick Meals in Minutes, carte din 2001 si in acelasi timp, o reteta foarte usoara si rapid de preparat. Porc cu ansoa si sos de seminte de pin. Preparare: 10 minute. Gatit: 25 minute. 4 portii. Ingrediente: 1 lingura ulei maslin Foarte interesanta reteta,felicitari!Mama mea a fost bucatareasa in anii 70-80 intr-un mare restaurant unde specialitatea casei erau micii si lumea era inebunita dupa ei.Dupa cum ne-a povestit,ei faceau micii din 3 feluri de carne (in cantitati egale): de vita,de oaie si de porc.Carnea de porc era mai grasa ceea ce facea micii mai fragezi. Azi facem impreuna pui cu unt in stil indian, o reteta simpla si gustoasa. Paste fericit!-----Daca ti-a placut acest video, da-ne un like, share si aboneaza-te aici Va propun o reteta simpla, in care carnea de porc este gatita intr-un sos de [. ] 2 Comentarii. 09 feb. Aceasta reteta este inspirata de preparatul indian numit pakora, pakoda sau bhajia, care consta din [. ] 02 dec. Somon la cuptor, cu legume si capere

Retete ciorbe: Ciorbă cu porc şi carnaţi O reteta delicioasa de ciorba de porc cu carnati din: carne de porc, carnati afumati, fasole alba, morcov, telina, ceapa, rosii, pasta de tomate, ulei de floarea soarelui, zeama de varza, sare, piper si cimbru. Ingrediente: 500 g carne de porc 3 carnaţi afumaţi 200 g costiţă afumat O reteta delicioasa de porc la tava cu praz si sos de coacaze din: pulpa de porc, praz, oua, ulei, unt, faina, lapte, coacaze, boia de ardei dulce, cimbru uscat, seminte de coriandru, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 700 g pulpa de porc 1 kg praz 2 oua 50 ml Citeste tot » Ruladă cu gogoşari şi ghimbi

Reteta este pentru 10 portii. 700 g carne de porc 150 g morcovi 150 g patrunjej 150 g telina 150 g ceapa 75 g orez 200 g smantana 2 galbenusuri 50 ml ulei sare de lamaie 50 g patrunjel verde 50 g marar sare deupa gust Mod de preparare Orezul se fierbe in apa clocotita ,se scurge. Ceapa se curata si se taie marunt. Sarea de lamaie se dizolva in apa 26.01.2018 - Ciorba de peste este o farfurie de sanatate. Cu legume,cu pestele adaugat la final ca sa pastreze toti nutrientii, este o doza de energie . Reteta indiana a fost oferita si preparata de Taj Restaurant si poate fi degustata joi

Retete de vis: Pui indian Chicken Tikka Masal

Reteta de: Mondeep Aceasta este o rețetă tipic indiană nordică, care este ușor de făcut și delicioasă. Veți avea nevoie să mergeți la un magazin alimentar indian pentru a cumpăra masalas. > Salvez am făcut-o adăugată la lista de cumpărături. ingrediente 45 de porții 232 cals Rețeta originală produce 6 porții Porc cu portocale. Ca de obicei, si reteta asta are o poveste in spate. Intr-o zi oarecare de acum cativa ani, la Londra, am dat peste ea intr-o carte scrisa de Anne Ager Cooking in a Hurry, aparuta in 1980. Numai titlul cartii si mi-a placut din start. Pentru ca de mult ori ma grabesc si mai ales nu imi place sa stau ore intregi in. Eu am purces la o varianta la fel de buna, si anume am folosit limba de porc, care mi se pare o carne fina, cu o textura placuta, aparte si, de asta data, am inlocuit clasica maioneza cu sos bearnaise si cu 2-3 linguri de iaurt. Restul ingredientelor sunt din reteta originala

Reteta Pui indian Tandoori - Gustos

Amandoua sunt extraordinar de bune, iar daca aveti ocazia sa le incercati la un restaurant indian, musai sa o faceti. Insa daca nu aveti un restaurant indian in apropiere, noi va propunem sa le faceti acasa. Haideti sa incepem cu reteta simpla de paratha de mai jos. Pe cuvant ca e buna rau! Muschiulet de porc la cuptor, moale si suculent, alaturi de ciuperci sote, un preparat simplu, dar bun si hranitor! Mai multe retete cu carne de porc gasiti aici . Citeste toata reteta Dupa o mancare indiana, condimentata si savuroasa, cum a fost Pui indian cu dafin si curry, azi a venit randul acestei delicioase retete chinezesti, dulce acrisoare, porc cu ananas.Reteta e din cartea Delicii in bucatarie, Retete traditionale din China, Japonia, India si Thailanda, Ed. Adevarul, 2011, dar sincer va spun ca am comparat aceasta reteta Tag Archives: reteta ceai indian. June 19, 2013 · 5:29 am Buna sa va fie dimineata cu un ceai in stil indian . . . Retete cu carne de porc (3) Retete cu carne de vita (4) Retete de Curcan (2) Retete de Peste (2) Retete de Pui (13) Retete fara carne (28) Retete fructe de mare (1

Ingrediente: 2 linguriţe seminţe de chimen, o ceapă mai mare tocată, 400 g roşii tocate (1 cutie), 1 căţel de usturoi, ghimbir. Mod de preparare: Se prăjeşte un căţel zdrobit de usturoi, puţin ghimbir dat pe răzătoare, 2 linguriţe cu seminţe de chimen şi o ceapă mai mare tocată, pînă ce încep să se coloreze Îndepărtați burta de porc cu puțin ulei într-un vas de copt. Apoi adăugați un pic de brunoise de legume pe care tocmai le tăiați, sare și piper. Deglazează cu vin alb, se adaugă 1 lingură de apă și se coace 1 oră 30 de minute, lăutând regulat cu sucurile de gătit

Reteta Friptura de porc cu mirodenii indiene si garnitura

  • Magazin online, casa si gradina, electronice si electrocasnice, seturi de cadouri si parfumuri, confort, ustensile bucatarie, vase pentru gatit, vase pentru servit, articole menaj, accesorii, periferice, scule si unelte electrice, articole produse premium
  • 2 utilizatori au incercat reteta Friptura de porc cu paprika. Incearc-o si tu! Vizualizari: 1346. ALTE RETETE COOL PENTRU TINE :.
  • Curry de miel, o reteta culinara cu influente indiene, o mancare exotica si mestesugit condimentata Reteta asta Curry de miel este tentativa mea de provocare Daring Cooks pe luna aceasta - tema era mancarea indiana, in special apam si frunzele de curry. Apam sunt un fel declatite din lapte de nuca de cocos si orez si da, am ratat provocarea pentru ca n-am gatit apam (n-am mai apucat mai.
  • E suuuper reteta, de abia astept sa ne impartasesti si alte retete indiene. Cat despre aroma, mie mi se pare ca era acoperita de curry, care se simtea cel mai tare. Pe de alta parte, eu cred ca turmericul seamana mai mult cu curry (si la culoarea intensa) decat cu ghimbirul (din familia caruia face parte). Poate pun mai putin data viitoare

Apoi se adauga apa si sare si se lasa la fiert cateva minute , pana se face bine carnea Cand s-a facut carnea , se adauga ardeiul gras si se mai lasa pe foc circa 5 minute , pana se inmoaie ardeiul si se ingroasa sosul. Reteta continea si ghimbir ras , dar mie nu-mi place ghimbirul.Se adauga la final, o data cu ardeiul gras Chiftele din carne de pui in sos picant (Murgh kofla curry)Reteta face parte din programul de educatie culinara 50 de saptamani in bucatariile lumii derulat de agentia de relatii publice, Russenart Communications in parteneriat cu brandul Gold Maya si Kotanyi Romania. Reteta indiana a fost oferita si preparata de Taj Restaurant si poate fi degustata zilnic, in cadrul restaurantului din. Reteta este de pe net nu mai retin sursa. Hai să gătim cu Amalia - Preparate cu legume - Orez in stil indian Muschiulet de porc la tigaie cu garnitura de orez 9 septembrie 2020. Găluște cu prune la tavă.

Sarmale de porc - Retete culinare - Romanesti si din

Articole din reteta cotlet de porc cu os scrise de flavmania. Aceasta a fost friptura noastra de Craciun. Si a fost delicioasa, si spectaculoasa, dar cred ca data viitoare o pot face si mai buna printr-un element de care eu n-am tinut cont. O sa clarific problema la timpul respectiv Culinar > Mancaruri > Preparate din carne de porc > Retete culinare Rețeta tradițională de bulz ciobănesc este un adevărat deliciu. Îl recomand în special străinilor veniți în vizită în România, dar îl servesc cu aceeași plăcere și la mesele în familie Ciorba de curcan, o ciorba gustoasa ca la mama acasa, una dintre ciorbele preferate ale copiilor. Reteta taiteilor de casa o gasiti aici. Va recomand si ciorba de cocos, ciorba de vacuta sau ciorba taraneasca de porc. Mai multe retete de ciorbe gasiti aici, mai multe retete cu carne de curcan gasiti aici - Portalul tau de retete cool - retete muschi porc,retete culinare, sfaturi culinare, diete, alimentatie sanatoasa, ghid restaurante, condiment Cum să faci reteta de desert Indian Panjiri. by Petrina Verma Sarkar Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Acest desert delicios din India de Nord este, de obicei, administrat unor mame noi, ca ajutor la lactație. Se crede că ingredientele din el măresc aprovizionarea cu lapte. Tăvițe de porc ușor cu tigaie. Cin

Tocanita indiana cu cartofi si mazare - reteta video

Pachetele de primavara este o reteta delicioasa din bucataria asiatica. Se serveste ca si aperitiv. to reteta de pachetele de primavara se folosesc foi de orez inmuiate in apa si diferite umpluturi, de obicei taitei de orez si legume.. Daca vrei un preparat usor din bucataria asiatica, atunci trebuie sa incerci pachetele de primavara.. Ingrediente Pachetele de primavar Page 1 of 2 - Pui surpriza - postat în Retete in imagini: Am mancat puiul asta la un restaurant, mai demult. Din aduceri aminte, am facut si un brainstorming cu prietenii, cam asa e reteta.Ce folosim:500g carne dezosata de pui4 cartofi medii200g kaizero cutie de ciuperci300-400g cascaval ras100g feta(sau telemea)1 oucondimenteCum procedam:Se taie carnea de pui ca pt snitzel(dar nu se bate. curry indian reteta. Curry cu carne de vitel si orez basmati. Primary Sidebar. Cauta pe blog. Search this website. NOU DE PE CANALUL DE YOUTUBE. Bucataria lui Radu pe YouTube. Aboneaza-te acum la canalul de YouTube. Facebook. Facebook. Bucataria lui Radu si aici Pentru reteta: 6buc.(1kg) cotlete de porc, 30ml sos de soia, 50ml ulei vegetal, 50ml ketchup 1 lingura suc de lamaie, 50g zahar brun, 50ml sos Worcestershire O reteta de paste carbonara cu borccoli si carnati din: ulei de masline, carne de porc, oua, parmezan, spaghete, broccoli si usturoi. Ingrediente: 1 lingura ulei de masline carnea scoasa din 8 carnati de porc, facuta chiftelute 3 oua 50 g de parmezan, ras, plus extra pentru servire 300 g de spaghete 1 capatana..

Video: Retete cu carne de porc - 798 rețete - Petitche

Pui indian cu unt (Butter Chicken) gurmandino

25.10.2018 - Explore Aurica Haineala's board pui, followed by 106 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Pui, Rețete culinare, Mâncare Chana masala cu spanac este o variantă vegetariană a unui vas tradițional și popular de mâncare indiană.Dacă nu aveți toate condimentele la îndemână, este bine să omiteți pe una dintre ele fără prea multe probleme, dar nu omiteți mai mult de două sau veți avea o mână complet diferită (și blandă) pe mâini Kabab hindi,inseamna Cabab indiande ce e indian,nu stiu.Stiu,doar,ca mincarea asta e buna si e usor de facut. -1/2 kg carne de vita -6 cepe -10 rosii -3/4 legatura patrunjel(cam 3-4 legaturi,cred,in Romania) -sare -condimente:piper,scortisoara,ienibahar,cardamom -ulei de masline -cca 2 linguri de seminte de pi Aceasta reteta de Pui indian tandoori este una dintre preferatele cerestaurant, ghidul restaurantelor din Romani

Tochitură de porc - rețetă simplă de tochitură de făcut în

  • te de mustar 1 foaie de dafin 1 lingurita de ghimbir ras.
  • Racitura de porc - Pasul 1. Se curata si se spala bine picioarele de porc apoi se pun intregi intr-o cratita mare la fiert impreuna cu morcovii, ceapa, pastarnacul, piper si sare dupa gust. Se pune apa atat cit sa le acopere foarte bine cam cu 7-8 cm deasupra lor
  • te de susan

Tocanita de porc cu cartofi si sos de rosii - reteta

Ingrediente (pt. 6 persoane): 1 kg cotlet de porc dezosat, 150 g măsline negre felii, 250 g ciuperci tăiate (poate fi şi conservă), 100 g caşcaval, 6 mere mari, 1 varză roşie, 8 cartofi mai mari, 8 felii de bacon, 100 ml vin roşu demisec, 1 ceapă de mărime medie, 1 căţel de usturoi, smântână, sare, boia şi piper după gust 03.07.2020 - Explore Bradea cosmin's board colet de porc on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cotlet de porc, Porc, Mâncare

Picioare de porc in stil indian - Interferente

Reteta Tocana picanta cu carne de porc din categoria Mancaruri. Prepara reteta Tocana picanta cu carne de porc. Ingrediente Tocana picanta cu carne de porc. Mod de preparare reteta Tocana picanta cu carne de porc in imagini, din categoria Mancaruri Retete culinare: Fel principal pe Garbo - Pagina 3. Taiteii astia despre care vorbesc azi sunt bineveniti in orice imprejurare, nu sunt picanti, nici sarati, reprezint

Reteta Porc cu legume in stil asiatic - Bucataras

Reteta pentru pranz satios - Carne de porc in sos curry - Ingrediente: 1 kg carne de porc slaba (pulpa, muschi) 4 cepe 80 g unt 2 linguri ulei de masline 300. Divă Mâncar In doar cativa pasi, preparatul tau clasic indian va fi gata. Incearca si tu Wok picant cu legume si carne de vita Reteta delicioasa cu file de porc si taitei. Incearca si tu Orez prajit cu oua Reteta vegetariana, care se prepara rapid si este pe gustul tuturor! Incearca si tu.

Reţete de furaje combinate pentru porci de la înţărcare

Kimchi din castraveti - reteta traditionala coreeana Supa chinezeasca de ou Pachetele de primavara sau spring rolls Samosa cu legume reteta de aperitiv indian Vinete Shanghai Chifle chinezesti umplute cu carne de pui condimentata Vinete picante reteta chinezeasca traditionala pas cu pas (1 voturi, medie: 5,00 din 5 4 buc cotlet porc. 4 buc frunze de salvie. 1 legatură cimbru proaspăt. ulei de măsline. 2 căței usturoi. vin alb. 500 ml smântână. piper negru. sare. 2 foi de dafin. rozmarin proaspăt. Mod de preparare. Se spală și se usucă ierburile aromatice, apoi se mixează cu cei 2 căței de usturoi. Între timp, se încălzește o tigaie, în care se adaugă ulei de măsline

1 kg ficatei de pui, 400 gr carne de porc tocata, 2 leg ceapa verde, 1 leg usturoi verde, 2 leg patrunjel, 1 leg marar, 7 oua, 3 linguri orez fiert, sare, piper, boia dulce, cimbru, maghiran. Ficateii de pui bine spalati i-am pus la fiert 30 de minute Curry de pui, cu orez Basmati indian. Pui cu curry si lapte de cocos este o reteta exotica dar usor de preparat. Marcheta E. Carne. VIZUALIZARI: 1610. tagliatelle cu broccoli si galbiori tagliatelle cu carnati tagliatelle cu carne tagliatelle cu carne de porc tagliatelle cu chiftele. Descriere Reteta. Pentru ca tocmai incepe Noul An Chinezesc maine, 28 Ianuarie 2017, si pentru ca se servesc traditional in seara in ajun, m-am folosit de pretext pentru a face acesti Dumplings = pachetele din aluat, umpluti cu Carne de porc si Varza, si aromati cu Sos de Soia si Ghimbir


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