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Explore the Indonesian Archipelago Aboard This Totally Renovated Traditional Phinisi Motor Sailer

Explore the Indonesian Archipelago Aboard This Totally Renovated Traditional Phinisi Motor Sailer

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Large yachts definitely have a time and place, and are great if you want to host a big group of people or have a party. But if you want a quiet (maybe romantic) getaway vessel, you're probably going to want something smaller. After all, big isn't always better. Called Alexa, this motor sailer is one of Incrediblue's newest additions and with only one cabin, it fits the bill perfectly. Plus, with its phinisi design (which is a traditional Indonesian two-masted vessel), it's the perfect ship to go exploring the Indonesian Archipelago with.


Built around 2004, Alexa was actually used to transport spices between Sumba, Flores (where it's now docked), Sumbawa, and Sulawesi, giving it a rich and exotic history. It was refitted in 2010 and then completely redesigned by the owner in 2012, stripping away everything except the hull and starting fresh. At 101 feet long, this vessel is available for cruises tailored to whatever you want, "from surfing in Sumbawa, trekking and diving in Komodo National Park, or swimming with dolphins in the Flores Sea."

Meant for two people — though nothing is stopping you from taking a solo trip — Alexa features refinished original teak, glass and steel accents, with antiques and art pieces. You'll find several open lounge areas on the main deck, while a fully stocked library is on the lower deck. The original galley has been made into a more modern kitchen area, featuring an open floor plan. The crew of seven includes a private chef, a cruise director who is a certified PADI dive instructor, and a captain with 15 years of navigating experience.

The charter price (which starts at $3,450 a day) includes meals, snacks, soft drinks, spa therapies (thanks to the resident spa therapist), and land/water activities — like scuba diving equipment, with air and nitrox options. Alexa's availability starts opening up near the end of March, and itineraries can be customized if you have something specific in mind.

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